I’ve always been skeptical of the usage of the term activist. Especially now and especially amongst millennials. I view it as a title of honor. I grew up learning about activists in school, where the word was associated with women’s suffrage, civil rights, or crusades against war and genocide.   An activist is someone who fights for what they perceive to be a worthy social or political cause. An activist demonstrates, marches, sometimes puts themselves in danger, and in some cases…. becomes a martyr. The bulk of what most of us learned about activism, how it was shaped in our minds, took place long before the internet or social media became mainstream. One couldn’t be an activist without being in dangerous situations. There was no instant support of a retweet or share. This is what I knew of activism: Body counts, not word counts!

            It goes without saying that a lot of people, including myself, are outraged by Trump’s presidency and naturally feel the need to vent. We vent to our family, we vent to our friends, and we vent collectively on social media. Social media is the prime medium to spew wacktivist rhetoric. To me, a wacktivist is someone who preaches, rants, and protests without actively producing or seeking sustainable results.  

            I was reading a post on my feed the other day. One of my Facebook friends was seriously annoyed at all the anti-Trump posts.  He felt that although everyone was proving their point, but they weren’t offering anything more. I’ll admit it. I have strong wacktivist tendencies. I have very strong opinions and I frequently voice them on social media to literally no one but people with the same point of view because I deleted or blocked all the actual Trump supporters. I’ve realized voicing anything is pretty pointless because its not actually doing shit. It’s not even creating an intelligent debate, which I’ve discovered has become pointless. Debate is an art, respectful exchange of differing opinions. It seems a forgotten art, as most discussions seem to become full of emotional or insulting responses. There is no new form of constructive consciousness about the other side being attained.  It all boils down to posting a profound thought and receiving the proper validation. The End.

            Although I am there in spirit and support all the efforts being done by others, I don’t attend nearly enough protests or marches to actually call myself an activist. I am not contacting state officials or organizers.  That makes me a wacktivist. There is but so much that venting and discussion can accomplish. We already have pundits, political analysts, authors, and speakers on TV articulately making the exact same points in front of millions of people while debating with the opposition. I’m not suggesting apathy, nor am I trying to shut everyone up. I’m examining myself, along with others who feel the same way. If we are actually this outraged shouldn’t we be out there?

            Action is the only solution...period. Being “woke” isn’t enough. At this point everyone is woke who chooses to be. Profound disruption of peaceful sleep for the masses is in progress. The alarm has rung. There is no going back to bed for any of us.

We are the paradigm for ages to come. What we know of America and how we identify her is rapidly changing. Disillusionment is sinking into our very spirit, our core. There are currently two inherently different ideological forces battling for dominion. We are witnessing the beginning stages of a monumental clash and it’s time to show up or shut up. It is important, now more than ever, to truly pour your heart into the cause that is America.

She must be saved.