Woke Joke: A Simple Rant

Believe it or not millennial "woke" people, there is more to being conscious and black than dragging white folks, Kylie Jenner’s cornrows  and “the oppression”. There is the African Diaspora to explore, knowledge of African spirituality and extinct belief systems that have been completely omitted from western historical consciousness. There are artists, cultures, customs, current black businesses etc to learn about that could actually enrich your life. If you’ve ranted about appropriation several times but have never heard of the Seven African powers or discussed Selassie, or The Mali Empire than I assure you, there’s a problem.  If you don’t see how learning about African history and lesser known African American figures plays a greater role in making us stronger and proud people than you should really stop and think about what exactly you are doing all this for. Is this wokeness being used as means of just expressing resentment at white folks or the white  kids that alienated you growing up? Its possible that you might be wearing your own black identity as much as a costume as a Kardashian. What exactly is your level of interest in exploring issues and topics that will help GROW the black community? How are you involved in this? Are all your boyfriends white? Is that a sore spot for you? How attracted are you really to blackness and black consciousness past a level of anger? Do you know how black consciousness can benefit your life beyond having something to rant about? Besides going natural, rocking a dashiki, listening to hip hop, and your love of soul food what are some of the other  black culture additions you’ve made to your life?

The woke movement is currently being heavily commodified as well particularly amongst millennial talking heads. Its amazing that there are so many platforms and opportunities to spread awareness and knowledge but authenticity is being watered down as a result and focus on less commercially viable topics need to be explored. 

 And why sometimes are members of the woke community more pompous and elitist than white folks at a country club in Greenwich, Connecticut? You are not being inclusive and open minded within your own community yet fail to see how protesting for acceptance and inclusion makes you a hypocrite. There is way too much judgment and assessment done. Someone's upbringing and academic background shouldn't have anything to do with whether or not they are fit to contribute to the conversation about issues that affect the ENTIRE community.

And as far as these overzealous Hoteps are concerned, shaming black people into consciousness is probably the most backwards thing I can imagine. How do you shame people into loving themselves and being proud of where they come from? How?

Showing me a photo of a lynched black man is disrespectful to the man in the photo. I'm sure that's not how he wanted to be remembered and didn't die just for you to post photos of him on a social media feed to assert your woke superiority. What’s his name? Does it matter to you?  Would you be okay if that were you? I’m sure there would be more to gain in learning that mans story because there are millions of them that could actually inspire you and make you more conscious than the manner in which he died.

There is too much talk and not enough skills being demonstrated. Progression and change requires actual work. Are you willing to acquire the skill set necessary to bring these big projects and ideas into fruition? How can you grow black economics when you don’t really know much about economics in general?


End Rant. Had to get that out.